Are you constantly working on your poker game, both at and away from the table? If you’re not those that are, are going to get you!
The learning process for poker is a never-ending one. You need to make the commitment to take the actions required to learn the game. There is plenty of material by talented players to provide you all the information you need to play well.
Acquire a poker library and study it!
Learning from others experiences will prevent you from making the costly mistakes that they made.
That said, there are many additional aspects that you can only pick up on at the table. Things like player tendencies, exploitive strategies to their lines of play, their emotional reactions to events, etc.
In order to do that effectively you need to keep your mind on the game. It’s the only way to play your “A” game. Think through what has transpired. How did your opponents’ think to make the plays they made? How can you exploit their thoughts? What plays take advantage of your newfound knowledge?
Assess your own game.
 What are your weaknesses? What areas do you need to develop? Discipline? Emotional control? Play Knowledge? Additionally, continuously assess how you’re playing. Are you focused? Are you emotionally affected? Are you mentally tired?
Grow your game a little bit every day you play. Over time, you’ll grow into a much better player.
And when you play well, the chips will follow!