“Ya got me” my opponent stated as he slid the chips in to call my river bet. And he was right; he wanted to “see it”. And it’s amazing how often those looking to “see it are right, they are beat. A lot  of poker decisions come down to instincts. And if you want to play well, you better hone those instincts.
 I constantly see players ignore their own instincts and make plays counter to them to their own detriment. I’m not saying you should never include your propensity to be in error into your poker decisions, but you need to both develop and trust your reads, particularly if the price is close. Those “see it “calls add up over time. So, have faith in yourself and act on your reads. I’ll bet your game will improve… 
Do you have the psychological strength to act on your reads? What other psychological inhibitions do you bring to the poker table with you?