It appears much easier than it is. There is much to know to become a significant winner. And you need to have the fortitude to maintain a high level of play through the financial and emotional ups and downs. As the old saying goes ”It’s a hard way to make an easy living”.

Firstly, you need to possess the intellect to compete and substantially win in an academically challenging game against other smart people. Keep in mind, it’s not just you against them; it’s you against them and the costs of playing. And those costs add up considerably over time.

Plus there are the competitive skills required. It’s great to have control of your life and time, but accountabilities come with it. You need to be continuously motivated to play and work on your game. You need to structure your life around the game so you can play when the games are good. You need to have relationships that understand your poker needs and support you. You need to configure your life so that you are playing happy, because if you don’t play happy, your game will suffer. And happiness is what makes life worth living.

Along the same lines, you need to be mentally tough and stable enough to keep it all together when the cards aren’t running your way. It sounds much easier than it is. Pokers stresses tend to have a wearing effect on most players, both mentally and physically. Compensating for pokers effects is a necessary component in order to survive the “test of time”.

Poker appears to be a glamorous thrilling lifestyle. You live in a destination resort, eat great food, meet new and exciting people daily, have control over your life and for those that are successful a solid financial future. But the realities soon become apparent. Poker is a grind for all but a VERY select few.

It takes a unique level of intellect, knowledge and mental toughness to survive. And a significantly higher level of all three to thrive. If you think you have what it takes, go for your dreams. That said, research what it takes, and be honest with your self–evaluation.

And if you choose to take the plunge, good luck and play well!