“Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Of course, you can adapt your behavior to manipulate your image. What image do you want? Is it a loose image so that, when you make a hand, you generate calls more often? Or do you want a tight image so you can pick your opponents apart with bluffs?

If you want a loose image to acquire calls, don’t put on your sunglasses, your hoodie, and your headset and not speak a word to anyone. You’re just portraying tightness. Instead, depict a sloppy image, stack your chips haphazardly, be loud, be boisterous, act like you’re there for fun and play all your marginal situations. Your manufactured image will create more calls for you.

Conversely, if you’re looking to bluff your way to victory, do put on your sunglasses, cover yourself with a hoodie, put on your headset (without the music on so you can hear your opponents), don’t say a word, fold all your marginal situations, and put on the most serious image you can.

All that said, trying to establish an image to people who aren’t paying attention is just a waste of energy. In those cases, just be your most comfortable self and play every hand optimally. Making non-optimum plays to deceive opponents that who won’t recall the circumstances and won’t employ the strategy you are trying to influence them into taking is just squandering EV.

Additionally, don’t be taken by your opponent’s maneuvers to influence you. Read people based on what their actions dictate, and not judge them by what they are projecting. Players talk loose and play tight. Pay attention to what your opponents do, not what they say. That concept transcends poker and is critical in life too.
Keep things real within yourself and project he image that’s best for you at the table. But when you leave the table, leave all the image projection behind and be your real self!