How to Bet-Size your Bluffs?
Trying to make a better hand fold?
If so, what portion of his range will he fold to what size bet? Having a good feel of this situation will prevent you from taking on any unnecessary risks that will cost you money.
It takes a different size bet to fold his top pair range than his “air” range. And the risk of betting a larger amount to fold his better hands may not be worth the extra money wagered if it doesn’t fold enough of range to make it EV positive.
However, it may still be correct to bet a smaller amount to fold his “air” range. This can be the case when a lot of draws are present, you hold a hand with little to no showdown value and a small bet will fold his “air.”
When you’re considering a bluff, think about what hands in your opponents range he will fold? What amount bet will it take him to fold? Compare your opponents folding range. Is “air” a large portion of that range? Is it worth risking the extra money to fold the few additional hands that he may call with?
And don’t forget to keep a straight face!