Adjusting to Player Types

My previous poker tips were fundamentals, this tip group is more advanced and involves hand reading skills and player reads. Quick tips such as these tend to lump players into stereotypical modes that don’t always fit. So while these plays are good guidelines, there’re not meant to be selected in stone. Nuances arise within players and situations for which additional adjustments should be made.

Too Nitty

Players who play too tight require a different strategy than those that are too aggressive or too loose. The next four tips are general guidelines and not meant to be set in stone. Nuances arise in which adjustments must be raised.

Tip #1-Don‘t call their large bets without a big hand that warrants it against a very tight range.  Nitty players are generally fearful of making big bets and when they do, it’s usually the goods. Don’t bestow them value on their big mitts.

Tip #2-Read where they are trying to get in cheap and widen your “squeeze range” They’re not calling, so the “squeeze” has more fold equity. You need to be aware and take into account the texture of any other opponents in the pot and any opponents that might accurately read your “squeezing”

Tip #3-Barrel them off their one pair hands when you can legitimately represent a big hand. The “legitimately” comes from not representing hands which your opponent won’t be able to read you for based on previous actions. The bluffs have to appear to be legitimate holdings to work effectively. You must have appeared to have played your hind in a manner similar to the hand you are representing.

Tip #4-Watch out for creative nits. Some nits are nits because they are scared. Others are nits because their personality is risk adverse, but are smart, creative and good hand-reading opponents. Don’t try to outplay the creative nits, they’ll outplay you over time